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Discover new stitches and techniques to take your quilting to the next level with this beautiful Homestead Quilt!

Plus more projects to add to your pattern library!

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Chat with the editor!

HI all,

Anybody know when issue 91 will be on the shelf?

This is for the homestead quilt.

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Does anyone have a spare issue 1 as its out of stock on the website ? xx ...

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I haven’t done any quilting since before Christmas due to health situations and I think I’ve lost my mojo, can anyone help or come up with ideas? I have 2 quilts to do. The first quilt and the second one isn’t even started yet. Thank you. ...

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Please tell me how to wash this quilt, I don't want to shrink it or make the colours run. ...

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3\4 of the patchwork done and I have probably 3/4 of the remaining blocks done. Its getting difficult to find somewhere to hang and photograph it. Hanging on half the curtain rail. Luckily that window is 12 foot wide. ...

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“I have always wanted to learn how to quilt and this is a fantastic way to do so. I love the design of the quilt and the fabrics are very easy to put together with the clear instructions.”

Denise from Cheshire