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Chat with the editor!

Hi everyone, just completed my third square, the sailboat, came out great. A little tip for people who find it difficult to follow the pictures, if you go on Youtube and search for ' crafts at home ' it will take you to a video series for The Art of Quilting showing you how to do every block, which are really well done. Looking forward to my next issue. ...

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Just starting to learn quilting hope it goes well ...

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My copies took so long to come lol that I thought it had got lost in the post, so re-ordered online..........guess what, I received two lots. Phoned Hatchetts and got them to cancel the online subscription and DD that I had set up. Had difficulty understanding the lady at the other end though, I actually thought I had got through to South Africa as the lady seemed to have that accent and I couldn't understand a word she was saying being from Yorkshire lol xxx Looking forward to starting my first block xx ...

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yayayay the extend of the art of quilting has finished finially ...

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ooooohhhhhh so who has picked up issue 3 this morning?
our video has gone live and getting some lovely feedback so far :-)
why not take a look and follow along? x

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“I have always wanted to learn how to quilt and this is a fantastic way to do so. I love the design of the quilt and the fabrics are very easy to put together with the clear instructions.”

Denise from Cheshire